Steve Clarkson Dreammaker

Tate Martell

A quarterback is leading by example on and off the field. You have to give 100% of yourself in school just like you do in football. You have to be an all around leader.

Tate Martell

Pro-Style Athlete
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Class of 2017



What Steve Says About Tate Martell

I have coached Tate for a number of years and at a very young age you knew he had that “it” factor. That special something that only comes around every few years. Enough so that University of Washington offered him a scholarship in the 8th grade! If you could clone Brett Favre and Fran Tarkington you would have Tate Martell. Tate is a gunslinger with the escape ability of a cat burglar. Enough said!

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