Steve Clarkson Dreammaker


Steve demands each quarterback to maximize his potential through mechanical repetition, kaotic drills & challenges while infusing  the mental perspective and insight necessary to succeed at any level.

-Deron White (Father of Brady White QB Class of 2015)

Steve focuses on the fine details of playing the position, it’s the little things that make a big difference in the end.

-Jake Locker (NFL Quarterback: Tennessee Titans)

There’s so much you can learn from camps, but especially with Steve Clarkson.  The way he sets things up to prepare players at the collegiate level and on to the NFL.  Steve brings an unusual amount of energy to his coaching and he’s extremely detailed.  He knows the game like nobody I’ve seen before.  Steve has the position of the quarterback down to an exact science.

-Josh Freeman (NFL Quarterback: Minnesota Vikings)

It’s great to see kids have an opportunity to learn from one of the greatest teachers, as a quarterback they will have a better opportunity to succeed.

-Terrelle Pryor (NFL Quarterback: Oakland Raiders)

I’ve learned a lot from Steve Clarkson, he’s a great quarterback coach.  Steve works with the little details and focuses on making sure everything is right going into the perfect throw.  Every  time I’m with him there is always something to improve on, always something to get better at.  I don’t think that will ever change.

Matt Barkley (NFL Quarterback: Philadelphia Eagles)

We have known Steve Clarkson almost four years now.  He’s been instrumental in developing my son, Tathan not only as a quarterback, but a solid young man. Dreammaker is more than just training…it’s family.

-Al Martell (Father of Tate Martell QB Class of 2017)

Exclusively trained by Coach Clarkson, Ryan is developing proper footwork, timing and throwing motion to give him the best opportunity to play in high school and beyond.  Ryan is reading defenses and running a pro style offense at 13 effectively and professionally.  Thank you Coach Clarkson for making my son’s dreams come true!

-Karen Stevens (Mother of Ryan Stevens QB Class of 2018)

Our son Joshua is an 11 year-old who loves the game of football and loves to play quarterback. So when Joshua expressed the desire to hone his craft and really get better we sought out the best. After carefully researching different coaches and weighing our options, it was clear that all roads lead to Steve Clarkson. Even though we live in New Jersey and Steve is based out of California, we knew the trip would be well worth it.  So the four us as a family hopped a flight to California for Josh to train with Steve. All indicators suggest that the trip was a huge success. Steve did an outstanding job working with Josh on the nuances and fundamentals of his throwing motion. When Joshua was completed his training with Steve, it was clear to all of us the Joshua’s confidence increased and his mechanics were honed making him a more accurate and fundamentally sound quarterback—at 11 years old.

-Todd Riddick (Father of Josh Riddick)

The search to prepare my son to compete with other top QB’s led us to the group training program led by Steve Clarkson.  As I sat and observed I noticed that there was about 8-10 QB’s out there that appeared to either be headed to the next level or had already secured a QB position in college. My son had a challenging task to rise up and compete with these guys. As the weeks passed his confidence and willingness to learn brought him the results he needed to compete. Between the on field workouts and classroom sessions he is now aligned with some of the other top QB’s. There’s still more work to be done and he looks forward to it.

The entire program is run professionally with a sincere focus to transform all the players who attend. I was impressed that all players were treated the same and that many of them created new friendships. Though they have tremendous and tedious workouts the players all walk off the field like they had a good time.

-Bridgette Waller (Mother of Travis Waller QB Class of 2014)

My son would not be the Division 1 scholarship player he is today if it wasn’t for Coach Steve Clarkson.

-Harrison Lebowitz (Father of Jared Lebowitz UNLV QB)

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