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A good quarterback camp can do wonders for a player who is looking to take his skills to the next level.


Of course, not all QB camps are the same. As a coach, parent or a player yourself, you need to make sure you choose a camp that offers first-rate instruction from professional coaches who know the position inside and out.

Regardless of your current ability, your home team’s record, or your long-term plans for a career in the sport, enrolling in a football camp for quarterbacks has several unique advantages.

Quarterback Camps 2014



Improve your skill level.
Do you want to vastly improve your gameplay to help your team win more games and breathe new life into your personal stats? Are you confident you have the talent, but aren’t sure if you’re using it correctly or learning the best techniques?
quarterback camps 300x212 Elite Quarterback Camps
This is where a quarterback camp can help tremendously. First and foremost, QB camps are designed help QBs enhance their skills, techniques, timing and chemistry with receivers. From their passing game to rushing and more, a good camp will cover all aspects of the position to help players achieve the greatest results.

Gain additional practice during the off season.
As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect – and in football, this statement absolutely applies. A key benefit of a quarterback camp is that it enables players to continue honing their skills during the off season – instead of resting on their laurels.

Repeated drills and practice can absolutely make a measurable difference in a player’s performance. Paired with expert instruction from experienced coaches, this extra practice is what separates average players from the elite.

In most high schools, the coaches are just ordinary school teachers who don’t have any professional experience in the sport. Some are incredibly good at what they do, but many simply have never learned the plays and strategies needed to win games.

Learn techniques that the high school coaches aren’t teaching.
A good quarterback camp is run by instructors who have played and coached in the NFL, at top colleges and in independent leagues. They have professional experience on the field, so they know what it takes for QBs to play at the top of their game. This type of instruction is invaluable to any young player.

Get position-specific instruction.
While general football camps can be good for all players, quarterbacks will receive the most benefits if the instruction is focused specifically on their position.

An elite QB camp uses drills and training that are dedicated solely to the quarterback position. This allows players to make the most of their time and gain skills that will ultimately help everyone on the team. This is especially beneficial to star quarterbacks who want to learn from the best in the sport.

Prepare for the recruitment process.
Talented players need to be ready for the attention they’ll receive from college and pro scouts. A good quarterback camp helps players understand what to expect from the recruitment process, how it works, and what they can do to stand out.

Youth quarterback camps are also advantageous to younger players who are preparing for high school and want to know how to make an impression on the coaches from day 1.

Quarterback Camps 2014



As we mentioned above, not all camps offer the same quality of training. So it’s best to do your homework and make your decision wisely. By taking the time to find an elite camp, you can be sure that the player will see the greatest results. youth quarterback camps 300x199 Elite Quarterback Camps

Here’s what to look for…

  1. Experienced coaches: Ideally, the coaches should have professional experience as former players and coaches in the NFL and top college teams.
  2. A widely recognized program: Look for camps that have been widely recognized by national media as being the best in the industry.
  3. Recognizable alumni: The best camps will have former attendees who went on to successful careers in the game.
  4. Recruitment education: Players with promising futures should be taught how to prepare for recruiting, and how to carry themselves professionally on and off the field.
  5. National attention: The nation’s most elite QB camps, like those from Steve Clarkson Dreammaker, are often featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, HBO, Men’s Journal, and other media outlets. This gives attendees the opportunity to be unveiled on a national stage – something that small hometown camps cannot do.

Quarterback Camps 2014



Steve Clarkson Dreammaker holds the most prestigious QB events that a quarterback can be a part of.qb camps retreat 2014 Elite Quarterback Camps

Based out of Southern California, our Clarkson Field Generals, Maui Super 7 and Santa Barbara Retreat quarterback camps enable players and their families to build upon their football foundation and receive hands-on training from the pros.

All camps are led by head instructor Steve Clarkson, who has been called the “most powerful QB coach in football” by ESPN. Today, Clarkson helps youth and high school QBs discover their full potential through the best training programs in the industry.

Our events are regularly featured in the top sports media, helping players gain national exposure while dramatically enhancing their ability. Our attendees fly in from all over the country to learn from Steve Clarkson and his elite team of coaches.

Quarterback Camps 2014



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Disclaimer: Now before you read this blog, let’s make it clear that I am an AJ McCarron fan.  I think he is poised beyond his years and if you need proof, just check my tweets.

 This is a huge weekend for the “quarterback position” for this years’ upcoming NFL draft.  It’s the time of the year when the top college QB prospects will get grilled and prodded like a Bone-in Rib-Eye.  Yes!  You guessed it…The NFL Combine. 

For a few it’s a time to build your case on why a team should select you.  Others will be left to pick up the pieces on what was once a promising career.  For some of these prospects the wheels were wobbly even before getting to this point.  Example: AJ McCarron of Alabama, who I love coming out of their bowl game.  Only to not participate in the Senior Bowl, and to follow that up by NOT participating in the throwing drills at the combine, this I just don’t understand.  AJ’s biggest asset is his LEADERSHIP qualities! Furthermore, his very impressive resume, which includes two National Titles (which could have easily been three), and a possible Heisman Trophy (had it not been for a freak field goal return for a touchdown). 

Up until this point AJ McCarron has done everything right……However, by not playing in the Senior Bowl AJ missed the chance to show just how valuable he could be to a team.  Especially those looking for a potential franchise quarterback in the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Joe Montana.  By doing so he went against what he has always done best, and that is to COMPETE! 

Again, I want to be very clear…I’ve always been a huge fan of AJ and I’ve taken plenty of heat for doing so.  I just don’t agree with this approach when he has so much to gain and not nearly as much to lose.  What is the down side?  That your arm wasn’t the strongest in draft?  No secret, we all know that.  But we also know that there is no other quarterback who was better prepared to seize the moment, like AJ, the Quarterback that played for Americas most demanding Coach (Nick Saban) and Fan Base (Alabama).

 Furthermore, to make things more frustrating you have decided to PASS at the NFL Combine, where the throws are very simplistic and not as challenging as most people think.  So by skipping the Senior Bowl AND the throwing portion of the combine you are taking the all or nothing approach, (just throwing at Pro Day) which could lead to the biggest upset of your career.

 AJ, you are a true competitor and champion.  But you know better than anyone what can happen when you put all yours eggs in one play!  #GoingForTheFieldGoal instead of playing safe for overtime!  You Remember…  

 Good Luck AJ!!!  Hope you have a Rabbits Foot!  If not I’ll put one in the mail.

Roll Tide! 

Posted: February 14, 2014, 1:39 am

Interesting topic for debate brought to you by Jason La Confora of CBS: which suggests that NFL quarterbacks are greatly underpaid compared to other sports stars and entertainers.  For years I’ve always felt that the NFL has missed the boat by not protecting and compensating their most valuable asset.  

Finally, someone else agrees with my way of thinking…  

The top tier quarterbacks should be exempt from the salary cap, which has gone in reverse since 2009.  Even though at the same time individual NFL Team profits have gone up!  Did you know that the NFL just set a world record for views on a “single telecast” with more than…………….One-Hundred- and-Eighteen- MILLION viewers who tuned for the #SuperBowl48.  Yes, Peyton Manning was awful but he WAS, and will continue TO BE box office!  This was accomplished by Peyton playing his entire career in a small market!  

Due to the all salary cap restrictions…the NFL’s richest team owner, Paul Allen has had the luxury of owning a Porsche while only having to pay for the price of a Volkswagen!  What a deal?  Or steal?  

Let’s face it…Eddie Murphy hasn’t made a good flick since “Coming to America," yet he still gets 20 MILLION a film!  

"Ba,ba,ba,ba,ba,ba, BOOM!  Help!  Eddie!  Aunt Bunny fell down the Steps!"

Posted: February 11, 2014, 9:07 pm

All quarterbacks should take note for their off season…This guy right here…Russell Wilson


He talks about his drive to be “better than yesterday & better tomorrow than today.” I think the biggest asset to Russell Wilson’s game is his ability to HANDLE THE MOMENT. He doesn’t ever look at what WAS or what WILL be, just what IS and the importance of being the most efficient player on the field every single down! As a quarterback coach, one of the first things I look for in a QB is his ability to create a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE.

Russell Wilson continues to impress me with his ability to come up with big timely plays when needed the most. There have been times this past season where Russell has not had a great game statistically, but when needed most has made a key throw or run to keep drives alive. Which then led to game winning moments. Maybe the most impressive thing about his game has been his ability to avoid the big hits and remain heathy. Today’s game is very challenging for the style in which Russell plays so that’s a huge accomplishment! Just ask RGIII!

Posted: February 6, 2014, 9:31 pm



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