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With the “Brady Drill” you will be working on your movement in the pocket, your footwork and using your eyes to find your best target. Pocket movement is essential to success at high levels of quarterback play since the defense gets more aggressive, faster and starts to bring different types of blitzes that require quick thinking and pocket

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Coach's Transcript:

One of the biggest questions that I get is: “Coach, how I grip a football?”
Well, that will vary from kid to kid, but typically the smaller your hand the higher up on the ball that you will grip. Ideally what I tell my students is the seams on a football, much like a baseball if you’re going to throw curve, how you grip on the seams of the football matters.

I like to basically take my index finger, my wrist and forearm. I want to make sure that they are on a straight line. You’re going to roll down from the pinkie to index finger on a straight line, then turn the thumb over to the opposite pocket and you see my thumb is on the inside so I’m able to turn the ball over. This will send the ball out of your hand with a spiral keeping it on a strong and accurate trajectory towards your target.

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