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In this Episode of Steve Clarkson’s #QBQuickTips, Steve is going over “The Brady Drill.” Steve utilizes this drill in order to teach quarterbacks two lessons. The first lesson is to be able to move around the pocket. The second lesson from this QB drill is to teach quarterbacks how to survey the field. Both of the lessons in this video are dependent on one another for success on the field.  Not all aspiring young quarterbacks can attend Steve’s qb camps, so we are releasing our qb drills to help students of the position no matter where they are.

With the “Brady Drill” you will be working on your movement in the pocket, your footwork and using your eyes to find your best target. Pocket movement is essential to success at high levels of quarterback play since the defense gets more aggressive, faster and starts to bring different types of blitzes that require quick thinking and pocket awareness.

Quarterbacks need to be able to properly navigate the pocket. In many of the #QBQuickTips quarterback coach Steve Clarkson emphasizes this point. If a quarterback can’t properly navigate the pocket they won’t be able to make the play. As you have seen in watching games and playing the game, the pocket doesn’t stay open like planned. Being able to navigate the pocket and avoid the defense when it starts to close is important in the success of making the play. Being able to move in the pocket also allows you to survey the field, the emphasis of the “Brady Drill” in this #QBQuickTips.

Tom Brady is a name that everyone knows regardless of if you are a fan of football or not. He is a very gifted athlete and changed the way QB’s approach the game. His high skill level as a quarterback comes from more than being able to throw the ball. It comes from being able to survey the field in a timely, efficient manner, escape defenders with footwork and throw his receivers open. His movements in the pocket are flawless and his ability to survey the field is phenomenal.  Let’s take a look at the movements and use these drills to improve pocket presence.

Steve Clarkson utilizes the “Brady Drill” to teach quarterbacks the valuable skill to make plays like Tom Brady does. A quarterback needs to survey the field for numerous reasons. Plays don’t always go according to plan. Surveying the field will allow you to make changes in order to make the play successful. If your intended wide receiver is in tight coverage you have two options. The first option is throwing to this wide receiver still regardless of the coverage. This a very risky move. It increases the chance of the incomplete play or even worse, an interception. Option two is changing your intended target to an open receiver and making the play. Without surveying the field a quarterback will generally take option one.

Quarterbacks’ who practice this drill and utilize the lessons in a game will be successful. Being able to survey the field and alter the play is very crucial in the success of quarterback play. This#QBQuickTip is to  be utilized by any quarterback of any age and skill level.

With the proven success of Steve Clarkson and the work he has done, the lessons he provides help any quarterback to reach their potential and be great players. For more information on Steve Clarkson or to sign up for one his camps go to If you want to improve your game then contact Steve Clarkson now!

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