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Clarkson’s tremendous track record at tutoring QB’s has not gone unnoticed as his work has been featured in an array of mainstream sports media outlets and publications.

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Jack Lowary or Captain Jack as we all call him around here.  Captain Jack has always impressed me with his larger than life persona.  The highly charismatic quarterback will have a major impact on the Mater Dei’s football program this year.  Jack reminds me of a cross between Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer.  Jack may be one of the Nation’s best kept secrets…but trust me he won’t be for long!  As his quarterback coach, I can’t wait for him to show everyone what I have seen for years!

Back in May at our San Diego Quarterback Retreat, Greg Biggins-National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/ was able to sit down and meet with Southern California’s powerhouse Mater Dei Highschool’s upcoming QB 1 Jack Lowary.  See below for full article breakdown:

Very few programs anywhere in the country have the track record of

producing next level quarterbacks like Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei.

Jack Lowary will be the guy for the Monarchs next season and he has

all the physical tools to play at the next level as well.

Jack Lowary was one of several talented quarterbacks who attended the

Steve Clarkson QB Retreat in San Diego over the weekend. Physically,

Lowary has everything you’re looking for in a college quarterback and

just needs game experience.

He’s a big, strong 6-4, 230 pound kid with a huge arm and the ability

to make all the throws. He’s a pocket passer but has some mobility and

can throw on the run with plenty of velocity and accuracy.


“I’ve been working out with Steve since the 5th grade and it’s always

fun to come out and get together like this,” Lowary said over the

weekend. It’s a time to catch up with some of the guys and talk to

Wilton (Speight) and Max (Wittek) and learn from them.


“The Retreat is more about family and having fun. We put in a lot hard

work on Sunday’s training with Steve but this is more about having a

good time with the other guys. Steve has been great for me though and

I’ve learned a ton.


“He has really helped me with my foundation and not using my arm so

much. Now we’re just fine tuning some things, using my base and lower

half more so it’s not just all arm.”


As a junior, Lowary played a backup role to Chase Forrest who signed

with California. He’ll be the guy as a senior and said he can’t wait.

-Greg Biggins

Some Jack Lowary HIghlights:

Since the retreat in May Jack had been working hard and preparing the best he can.  We were able to catch up with him and get some final words on his upcoming senior season.

"What I’m looking most forward to is the opportunity to finally play and be at the helm of the offense.  It’s such a honor to be the starting quarterback at a great high school like Mater Dei.  Mater Dei’s  quarterback legacy is 2nd to none.  I’m very excited to be able to show everyone what I can do and I have great teammates and a coaching staff to support me." -Jack Lowary



Posted: July 8, 2014, 11:06 pm


(Travis Waller and the Downtown Los Angeles City Scape)

To begin this piece I would like to go back to where it all started…Just another example of a parent (his mother Bridgette) wanting the best for her quarterback.

 The search to prepare my son to compete with other top QB’s brought us to the group training program led by Steve Clarkson.  As I sat and observed I noticed that there was about 8-10 QB’s out there that appeared to either be headed to the next level or had already secured a QB position in college. My son had a challenging task to rise up and compete with these guys. As the weeks passed his confidence and willingness to learn brought him the results he needed to compete. Between the on field workouts and classroom sessions he is now aligned with some of the other top QB’s. There’s still more work to be done and he looks forward to it. The entire program is run professionally with a sincere focus to transform all the players who attend. I was impressed that all players were treated the same and that many of them created new friendships. Though they have tremendous and tedious workouts the players all walk off the field like they had a good time.” – Bridgette Waller (October 2013)


(Travis and his mother)

The first time I met Travis Waller I was amazed how a kid so new to the quarterback position could already be so dominant.  Travis currently plays at Servite High School, which happens to have an SEC type schedule for their level.  Travis was always the best player on the field.

In a very short time Travis made himself a national top-flight recruit with his ability to show how accurate he was in the pocket, and even more his dangerous ability of extending plays outside of it.  A lot of times in my business evaluators are always looking for comparisons instead of believing that he might just be what others will some day be compared to.  Travis is the very definition of what it truly means to carry the moniker of Trendsetter.

One of the things I value most when it comes to evaluating a quarterback is the player’s work ethic.  I’ve been training quarterbacks for 30 years, and rarely have seen a player with Travis’s desire to be the best.  Each Sunday my program offers training sessions year round.  Every session, even during the season he was relentless in his pursuit to being greatness.  At the same time he became a role model for my young aspiring quarterbacks.

 “It is very difficult to attend every Sunday training session because I have to wake up very early.  Which means I have to go to sleep on Saturday night at 10:30 or so.  What teenager goes to sleep at 10:30pm on Saturday night?  I believe this is what separates me from a lot of people.  I dedicate everything towards training.  Sometimes in life to get where you want to be, you have to give up some things.”

- Travis Waller 

From my experience, to be a successful quarterback you must have the unique ability to balance the personalities in the huddle, and the expectations of those who aren’t.  You must be able to demand respect by your play on the field and be willing to take the blame when others don’t quite measure up.  Travis has that special gift.  He has the ability with his simple approach of looking at each game as an opportunity to conquer impossible odds.  Southern California’s, Servite HS was an underdog in most games during the 2013 season.  However, the mere presence of number eleven made the opposition less optimistic about their chances for victory.  Travis has that special thing they call the “it factor”.  You get the feeling that there’s nothing Travis couldn’t do, and that’s what makes him so special, because there really isn’t.


When it came down to where Travis should play his college days the choice was simple.  Right from the beginning Travis saw himself as an Oregon Duck.  Their offense was well…..Trendsetting!   So it was only fitting that the two would eventually come together, and today on July 1st, 2014 Travis decided that the (school that NIKE built was the perfect place to showcase his off the chart skills set.)  Oregon!!!…

 For all you Ducks….You may possibly  in fact be losing Marcus Mariota to the NFL DRAFT, but you got yourself a new LEADING MAN!!  Yes, Oregon you’ve lined the Ducks up in a row just perfectly!


(Proud Coach!)

 Greg Biggins- National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/ comments on Travis and his offer to Oregon.

"Waller would be an ideal fit in Oregon’s offense. He’s a mobile quarterback who can run around and make plays but he has the pocket presence and arm talent to make plays with his arm as well. Oregon’s offense has always worked best with a quarterback who can stretch a defense as a running threat combined with being able to make throws down the field.

Waller can do both, he’s a very good athlete and can run like a deer but has made huge strides as a pure passer and can make all the throws on the field.  He’s a natural leader, very likeable and should be able to attract plenty of talent to play with him at Oregon.”

I had the chance to ask UCLA’s quarterback Brett Hundley his own thoughts on Waller…

"I had a chance to get to know him at the the Steve Clarkson Quarterback Retreat this year, and he is a natural born leader.  The first thing I noticed was that the other QB’s gravitated towards him.  He is an amazing passer who just so happens to be a great athlete.  Which is a major plus in today’s game!  Travis is a defensive coordinators worst nightmare!”

-UCLA’s QB Brett Hundleyimage

(Travis being coached up by Brett Hundley, May 2014)

I am very excited to see how this #trendsetter’s journey unfolds, and I am certain it will be too bright for anyone NOT to notice.

The “O” is going to be very happy! image

(Travis with his mother Bridgette and brother Austin, and his new Oregon Family)

Check out Travis’s Trendsetter page and his 2013 highlights!

Posted: July 1, 2014, 4:51 pm

Each year we are lucky to have our college quarterbacks attend our Quarterback Retreat as college counselors. What works perfectly is that they are able to give the younger players their insight on the game, and being at the next level. We also welcome Greg Biggins-National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/ who was able to sit down with the following gridiron #trendsetters.


Wilton Speight:

Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight has been a regular at the Steve
Clarkson QB Retreat three years running now and two weeks ago, the big
signal caller took part but this time as a camp counselor.

It has been an amazing transformation watching Wilton Speight over the
last few years. From a player who barely looked like a legitimate Div
I prospect three years ago to a player now playing for one of the
nation’s premier programs, it has definitely been fun watching Speight
grow as a quarterback and a person.

“I always have a ton of fun being out here,” Speight said while in San
Diego. “The last two years, I had a lot of fun competing with the
other quarterbacks and this year was fun being a camp counselor and
working with some of the younger kids out here.

“It’s a great experience and a fun environment. Steve (Clarkson) has
been great for me and has helped me a lot. He really developed me as a
quarterback and a player and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

Speight graduated early from high school and was able to take part in
spring ball at Michigan.

“Spring ball was awesome,” Speight said. When I got there, I hit the
ground running and tried to prove myself to the older guys in the
locker room. I wanted to show them I was ready to compete and win and
it was a great experience.

“There was an adjustment because I was only there for a few days when
I found out Coach Borges was getting fired. I was obviously
disappointed since he was the one who recruited me and I had a great
relationship with him. Once I heard Coach Nuss (Nussmeier) was coming
in though, I was very excited and it has been great learning from

Speight said he had already developed a relationship with Coach
Nussmeier prior to signing with Michigan.

“Nuss is a great guy, really intense and a perfectionist,” Speight
said. “Anything less than perfection is considered a failure and
that’s our mindset right now as a team. He brings a fast pace, high
tempo system and I’ve learned a lot from him already.

“I had talked to him while he was at Bama and I knew what a great
coach he was. He’s a great fit in our program and we’re all very
excited to have the opportunity to play for him.”

Speight said the receiver corp is loaded and will definitely surprise
some people.

“Devin Funchess is unreal and makes 2-3 catches every practice that
make your jaw drop,” Speight said. “Amara Darboh is a beast and he’s
100% now and ready to go. Then we have two young guys that came in
with me, Drake Harris and Freddy Canteen, and they’re going to be

“Drake is my roommate and is a great guy. Unforunately, he hurt his
hammy and also got Mono so he missed some time. Freddy is a freak and
is going to shock everyone. We called him Freddy ‘Footwork’ because
his feet are so fast. He loves to work, we worked out a lot after
spring practice and he’s just an unreal talent.”

As for his role, Speight said he won’t be content just being a backup,
he’s looking to compete.

“Devin (Gardner) is the No. 1 guy and if we had to play a game
tomorrow, he would be our starter,” Speight said. “He’s a great person
and has helped me a ton. I watch him as much as I can and try and
learn as much as I can.

“I’m always taking mental notes and reps and want to keep getting
better. This fall camp is going to be big for all of us and I’m going
in with the mindset that I want to win the starting job. Nuss did a
good job of getting all of us reps during the spring and I’m happy
where I’m at right now and ready to go.”

Posted: June 30, 2014, 5:32 pm



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